"Buenos Aires es Gardel"

"Buenos Aires es Gardel" Book

In 1995 presented the book "Buenos Aires es Gardel" after ten years of research walking the streets of the Buenos Aires of Carlos Gardel, it's tango and the atmosphere and seduction of this dance. In December 1995 the "Circulo de Creativos de la República Argentina" awarded the book the prize of "Best Design of the Year", and it had numerous and positive critics in the main magazines, newspapers, TV, cable and radio.

Text by Horacio Ferrer.

"In Tokyo, Lima, Istanbul, Montreal, Paris, Granada, Stockholm, Hong-Kong, Geneva, today, an ordinary day in the year 2137, someone is listening to Gardel."

"We leave his tomb in the Chacarita Cemetery, and - unlike with other dead people - no sooner are we in the street than we find the living Gardel."

"God never closes one door without opening another. Gardel's death improved his birth."

"He, who could have sung in Covent Garden or La Scala, mounted Szalsburg Festivals on the streets corners of Buenos Aires to beautify the humblest folk, clothing them with inner evening gowns."